General questions
No, you can sign up for STOPit right through this form. If you have an existing account, you can login and pre-populate a few of the form fields.
Once the form is filled out, several things will happen:
  • You will need to validate your email address. We send a verification email to do this.
  • Once your user information is validated, you will get a welcome email detailing the slef-guided training available and the links for the app(s) and the Web Console.
Any type organization can sign up for a free trial. In the form we have an organizational type dropdown; if your organization type or industry is not listed, just select 'Other.'
The point of contact user is generally the person responsible for setting up and administering the platform within the organization. The point of contact is not necessarily the boss or the person responsible for billing.
Upon receiving the welcome email after initial signup, all of the available training materials will be detailed in that email. If you require more information, please send us an email at:
During the trial, you can submit help requests through our help desk that is baked right into the Web Console under the panel labeled 'Support.' In addition to creating a help request, you can always send us an email at:
Form Specific Questions
The authorized domain is specific to your organization. Most commonly found on the organizational website or in your email address; It is the part of your email address following the '@' symbol. So, in the example,, would be the authorized domain. If you do not have an specific domain, simply enter the domain ''
Our only restrictions are:
  • Your organizations logo
  • Nothing pornographic
  • Nothing too terribly offensive
  • Nothing stolen
  • The file must be in PNG format
A geofence is typically a custom defined polygon around a geographic point. To be more specific and quote Wikipedia: "A Geofence is a virtual perimeter on a geographic area using a location-based service, so that when the geofencing device enters or exits the area a notification is generated. The notification can contain information about the location of the device and might be sent to a mobile telephone or an email account."